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                Company Profile

                    Cixi Hongye Sealing & Packing Co.,Ltd.specializes in developing and producing CHYGRATM fluid sealing products. The various sealing products are produced by company, such as Spiral Wound Gasket, Grephite cut gasket, Graphite Packing, Aramid Packing ect. which have solved many sealing leakage problems coming from power plant, gasworks, chemistry factory and so on.Also it has mainly export to European, middle-east, south America and south-east Aisa ect. many
                countries and regions.
                    We will continue with all our hearts to provide the customers both at home and abroad with first-class products and quality service.
                ISO 9001 : 2000 CERTIFIED
                Contact Information
                Cixi Hongye Sealing And Packing CO., LTD.

                Address: No.499 Shuntai Road Kandun Industry Zone Cixi City Ningbo P.R. China 315303

                Web Site:/

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